Quality monitoring software helping brands mitigate risk, manage information, and improve operations.

Meet QWerks

  • Design and implement custom quality plans, catered to your unique business needs

  • Improve the efficiency of outdated quality processes, saving both time and money

  • Reduce management overhead while significantly improving quality oversight

  • Gain data-driven insight into your business, resulting in more informed decision making

  • Maintain regulatory compliance and be prepared to respond quickly to audits or recalls

Who is QWerks for?

Food & Bev Co-Manufacturing

  • Improve manufacturing process control with custom quality audits and SPC

  • Utilize real-time process monitoring with IOT "Smart Device" integrations

  • Deploy in mixing, blending, cooking, and other processing operations

Food & Bev Co-Packaging

  • Ensure packaging quality with Quality Control monitoring and inspection

  • Maintain regulatory documentation for clients and audits (FDA/FSMA, SQF, BRC)

  • Satisfy client-specific requirements, including sensory evaluation and other quality attributes

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Understand, track, and improve KPI's crucial to your business

  • Verify operations with batch-style approval of manufactured products

  • Create value with insightful reporting, timely information, and visibility

Many More!

  • Manage E-Commerce and other flexible widget-style production operations

  • Control sanitation and waste management programs via spot auditing

  • Ensure safety and security with digitized auditing checklists

The QWerks process

Step 1


Define your specs and deploy the quality plan

Step 2


Collect in-process data to ensure your specs are met

Step 3


Review submitted quality data and approve batches

Step 4


Archive all quality records and easily access later

Step 5


Analyze collected data to improve operations